Diagnosing ADHD is a matter of opinion, since there is no physical test that tells a doctor the child has ADHD. Sometimes a teacher can tell by the child`s behavior, but that is not always the best. The teacher might not want to deal with the child`s behavior and so they tell the parents to get the child medicated.

Some of the symptoms along with inattention and hyperactive behavior, the two of the most obvious of the disorder, children may also show the following symptoms:


Waiting his or her turn to talk (interrupts while someone is talking)

Has difficulty being quiet

Since all the children are prescribed medication-- that contain a psychostimulant drug that is in the same class as cocaine, which can actually harm most children. Some become depressed and some show other extreme side effects like:



Stomach Pain



Constipation or diarrhea

Possibly even have suicidal thoughts,,, unfortunately some even commit suicide

With all these side effects why would anyone ever want to subject their child to such harmful medications when there is a better way without side effects, of course they won`t be mentioning a better way that doesn`t put $$$$ into their pockets.

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