One child in 66 now becomes autistic, it used to be 1 in 10,000 back in the 1980`s, then 1 in 600, then five years ago it went to 1 in 150, and now it is estimated 1 in every 66 boys  become autistic. The earlier and the younger the child is when  you begin the treatment, the better the child does in recovering.
     Most doctors have no idea what to do when the child is diagnosed, except to tell the parents,"well let`s just wait and see what happens". Well didn`t I just say the earlier you start the treatment the better and easier the recovery, so why would you wait and procrastinate another six months or a year to see how much worse your child gets. Very precious and valuable time is wasted.
     That`s not my philosophy of treating autism. EARLY TREATMENT IS KEY. I am a believer that these children are born normal, except when they are damaged during birth. It`s what happens after for the next year to two that will determine if they become autistic. So if you know what to do to PREVENT (which I`m a firm believer of) an ailment or disease is much easier to accomplish. THINK PREVENTION NOT CURE.
     However if the disease is upon us, we must act immediately not "let`s wait and see".

If you are interested in helping your child or a child you know with this dreaded disease please don`t hesitate to send me an email,,,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ,,or better yet you can call me at, 1-317-403-8969, do it before my schedule is completely filled.









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