If you have been trying to get pregnant and it hasn`t happened yet or if you are going to try to get pregnant there are several facts you need to know. Even your doctor doesn`t know because they don`t teach it in medical school. In fact they are taught a procedure that could be harmful to your child.

A nurse at a fertility clinic was telling some of the patients what to do to get pregnant. They were getting pregnant and the doctor found out and threatened her to be fired if she told one more patient the information they needed to know to get pregnant. Would you like to save thousands of dollars and learn what to do  to get pregnant. Send us an email.

For information regarding getting pregnant or if you are already pregnant and you want to make sure your OBGYN doesn`t create a patient for your child`s pediatrician you need to contact us.

There are things you need to know so you can protect your child from AUTISM, and several other serious diseases.

  • Developing eczema in childhood
  • Prevent childhood allergies and asthma
  • Help optimize your baby's weight later in life
  • Reduce or prevent symptoms of colic, IBS
  • Reduce your risk of premature labor
  • Autism
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Spina Bifida

If you want to receive information to give yourself and your baby a better advantage to get a healthy start in their life don`t hesitate to call 317-403-8969 or email,, time is critical.

It`s easier to prevent than to try and cure once a disease happens!